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From Shelagh Abate:

Just wanted to follow up today with another huge thank you.  I can't tell you

how much I appreciate the opportunity to come and work with your students, you,
and your colleagues as well.  It is so wonderful to see what a fantastic program
you have happening right now at Schreiber.  Your students are lucky to have you,
and they are clearly blossoming under your care and guidance!  I felt that I
personally grew a lot from the experience that yesterday provided, and I will
remember all that I learned from one epic day for a long time to come.

I wanted to forward you some information about our summer seminar as well--I
thought in particular your horn students as well as trumpeters might be
interested, and we would DEFINITELY benefit from their participation.  I know
they would learn and grow significantly from even ONE seminar with us.  I've
seen it happen again and again with our participants.  It really is an amazing
program, and one that is two decades old.  Tried and true! :)

Here are some links with information:

Please feel free to encourage any of your students to email or Facebook me for
information--I am really in need of 2 horns and 2 more trumpets!! If you knew of
anyone who is interested, I could essentially guarantee their acceptance.  The
application/tape required for registration would be a formality. 
Dallas Brass @ APAP conference
In rehearsal